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Good news! We are now permitting affiliates to advertising on Google and Bing.

We’re very excited about this change because it unlocks some new properties with huge, high-quality traffic potential. We believe this will be a game changer for some affiliates.

We have put in place some important rules for people that want to start advertising on Google & Bing properties.

No Brand Keyword Advertising: Affiliates may not bid on any brand keywords like “His Secret Obsession”, “Hero Instinct”, “What Men Secretly Want”, “Relationship Rewrite Method”, “James Bauer”, “Beirresistible”, “Be irresistible”, “Blink Publishing”, etc…

No Brand Words In Ad Copy: Affiliates may not use any brand words in any ad copy. They cannot list phrases like “His Secret Obsession”, “Hero Instinct”, “What Men Secretly Want”, “Relationship Rewrite Method”, “James Bauer”, “Beirresistible”, “Be irresistible”, “Blink Publishing” etc…

No Direct Advertising To Blink Publishing URLs: Affiliates may not directly advertise to any Blink Publishing websites such as,,,, etc…

No Direct Hoplink Advertising: Affiliates may not directly advertise to a Clickbank hoplink. This is a bad marketing practice and will likely get denied anyway. You must use your own website.

Quality Websites Required: We expect your website to meet a certain standard of quality. Please don’t just throw up a landing page, load it with a few of our free articles, and then call it done. You should have original content, unique design, and offer value to your visitors.

Website Review Required: Please email us at [email protected] before starting a Google or Bing Advertising campaign. We need to review your website to insure rule compliance. We can also provide marketing tips, page optimization, and strategies in our review.

Follow All Other Rules: You must also follow our general promotion rules.

We really do love our affiliates and will do everything we can to help you, but please understand that breaking these rules hurts our customers and our brand. We must enforce these rules, and regularly report violations to Clickbank.

However, if you work with us, we'll work with you to make both of us as much money as possible!